Aladin1 Yiwugou Cooperation

New Cooperation between Aladin & Yiwugo, Bridge between overseas buyer & Yiwu market
We warmly celebrate the establishment of cooperative partnership between Yiwugo and Aladin platform. In
cooperation field, Yiwugo helps Aladin move the offline Yiwu markets online. Aladin commits to the promotion
and publicity of Yiwu market in European and American area. Through, Yiwu markets and
small/medium-sized buyers will be connected, meanwhile, Aladin & Yiwugo will work together to provide bet-
ter one-stop cross-border procurement service.
Aladin Featured Services
Our promise to customers is as follows.
We guarantee you a 100% safe environment & you have the choice of withdrawing all excess funds immediately
or leaving your excess funds at YIWUGO.
We guarantee the safety of your funds through us to the suppliers.
We will take the 100% Responsibility.
We guarantee that if there any quality problems after our QC. which not fulfill your quality requirement (We
require a detailed QC instruction Sheet).
We will cover the 100% responsibility.
We guarantee that if there any quantity difference.
We cover the 100% responsibility of the shortage.
We guarantee that we will shoulder any loss from breakages on FCL.
Why you need an agent in China?
Though,most customers are still under the impression that working directly with a supplier, manufacturer or factory will
definitely give them access to better quality product or service, actually they will surprisedly find that that may cause
much more trouble than they thought.Here is the list of the problems that may happen to the customers while conduct-
ing business in China
1. Sourcing is really a time consuming process.
2. The quality of the goods is of major concern.
3. Suppliers are not so honest and responsible as you thought.
4. Inexperienced suppliers causes big problems on documents, shipping etc.
5. Differences between languages and cultures are the major hindrance when conducting business in China.Ineffective
communication may leads to slow, unprofessional or even irrelevant response from the suppliers.
6. You have no direction about purchasing, whether it is done via manufacturers or other indirect sources.
7. It is also a hard task to plan your agenda without knowing the Commodity distribution well.
8. The supplier won't or can't pack according to your requirement.
Choose us, We can solve all kinds of problems for you. "Buying from China will become much easier & safer.
Why Choose us?
(1) One of the TOP Partner Trading Companies in Yiwu, China.
(2) The only Agency providing 100% Gaurantee
(3) One-stop Export Solution Services.
(4) The Fastest Agent Service
(5) Over 85,000 Factories and company Sources.
(6) Trading with over 50 countries worldwide
(7) Affordable Commission,
Coming to China
Not come to China
How we charge for our service?
One Stop Service Charges
We charge reasonable commission rate, which is between 3% and 5% for all the Service based on the Total Order Value
& Payment terms. Our Minimum charge is 300$ when your Order Value under 10.000$ USD.
Translation & Guiding fees: 200 RMB per Day.
The fees are offset from the invoice when order is confirmed.
Transport Service Charges
Airport Pickup Service
Hangzhou Airport to Yiwu : 350 RMB/Trip.
Shanghai Airport to Yiwu : 800 RMB/Trip
Yiwu Airport & Railway Station to hotel: Free
Individual Inspection Charges
Providing individual Inspection instead of commission. 100$/Day+Traval Cost. Depends on distance & time required
Special Offer
We can negotiate SPECIAL TERMS if your total order value exceeds USD1 MILLION Per Year
The lower commission rate would be 1-2%.
If there are any questions about the charges. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
How we Create Value for you?
The Only Reason We Can Survial Is That We Are Creating Values For Our Customers! More Than What You
Paid To Us!
Under mentioned is how we create value for you.
1. Getting Cheaper price for you
We achieve better price via our extensive network of regular suppliers. And to save the costs such like on the tax, pack-
ing. Transport cost etc.
2. Control your risks of "buying from China"
"Buying from China" sometimes has the big risks for you if deal with the suppliers yourself. Before you opened the
container. You don't know what's kind of the goods inside. On the following is the step how we control the risks on the
a) Pre- Production Inspection, We verify suppliers & could conduct pre as well as post production inspection.
b) On Production Inspection, We monitor all orders to see that they are manufactured & delivered within the timelines
you provide us. Control the problems before it's happened
c) Pre-Shipment Inspection. Inspect the Quality, Quantity, packing and all the other issues to make sure that are accord-
ing your requirement before delivery.if there any difference as you required, we will send email to you and let you make
the decision!
We have rich experience to deal with different suppliers. Also have the professional layer consultant & detailed pur-
chase contract to protect your purchase order will be handled properly.
3. Save your time & Transaction Cost.
You only need to make the product choice, leave the rest to us..Save of your time and ticket to China! Even don't come
to China, We take care of your business in China!
Have the insurance for your business in China? Just Choose us! We do all the rest!
Our Cervice
Free Sourcing
Experienced & Prompt sourcing team.
More than 85000 qualified factory and Company network cover most kinds of products.
Well known where to get the cheapest price in China according different products.
If you have any products need sourcing, don't hesitate to contact us. We are providingfree sourcing service. Only charg-
es the commission after get the your satisfy price & order is confirmed.
Submit your free Sourcing Inquiry
Note, When you submit the inquiry, Please provide the full and detailed information!
Translation & Buying
As your staff in China!
Experienced Translator Team guide you to the Right wholesale market or Factories. Take the picture. Write down all the
order details. Calculate the CBM. Negotiate the price for you!
Communicate with the suppliers confirm & Follow up the orders on your behalf!
Sampling confirmation, Control the risks on the buying process. Solve or avoid the problems from the suppliers before
it's happened.
Communicate with you daily
For more information about our service, please contact us.
Inspection & Quality Control
Your Eyes in China!
Experienced & Professional Quality Control Team
Pre-Production Inspection, Audit the suppliers to guarantee it's not a scammer and has enough capacity to take the
On-Porduction Inspection, Follow up the orders to make sure it's delivery on time. And keep update to our customer if
there are any changes. Control the problems before happened
Pre-Shipment Inspection, Inspect the Quality, Quantity, Packing and all the Other issues to according your require-
ment before delivery. If there any difference. We will let you make decision
Warehousing & Re-Packing
Warehouse. More than 1000 M
Warehouse. Able to storage around 50*40HQ Containers at the same time
Consolidation. We provide a full local collection & product consolidation service
Re-packing. Re-packing as your requirement, Such like the change the carton, inner box, label. Barcode, making the
wooden pallet etc. The re-packing service charges will be separately according the cost. .
Documents & Shipping
Documents. Prepare all the documents , Declare to the China Custom properly. Even for some special products. We can
also manage in the Custom. And we can helping you to get most of the documents necessary from China.
Freight Cargo. Working with different shipping line such like MSC. APL, PPL at the best rate to any port around the
world. Arrange the small shipment LCL to any port. We also providing Door to Door Service. You can also working
with your own shipping agent. We provide FOB terms.
Air shipping & Express. Providing the competitive price of the air & express shipment from China.
Travelling Arrangement
Visa Help. Issue the business invitation free to help you get or extend the visa to China. For some country may need
official invitation. It's will have some extra cost
Transportation. Arrange the pick up service from the airport , railway station, hotel such as in Shanghai, Hangzhou city.
For the detailed cost. Please check on our service charges. From Yiwu airport & railway station. Pick up service is free.
Hotel Booking. We have the vip price for most of the hotels in Yiwu & Guangzhou City. For the detailed hotels. For the
hotels in Yiwu.. For any hotels in China, We can book it for you accordingly.
Financial Support
Accept different kinds of payments LC. T.T, DP, Western Union. Paypal Etc.
Distribute payments to your different suppliers
Provide financial support to you if necessary to help you expand the business in China.
For more information about our service, please contact us>