Our goals


(we are together)

Our goals Aladin1.com B2B + Platform:

The bridge from the Old to the New Economy

Online and offline B2B + marketing mix

Online and offline go together

Our strategy consultants have long been clear: Being a B2B platform company alone is not enough.

It works only together:

The future of trading stands and falls with the successful interaction of

Online and offline activities and security.

"Multi-Channel Retail" is the magic word.

Multi-Channel are the winners of the consolidation phase.

The bridge from the Old to the New Economy

Current developments in e-business

(B2B +) and what is the difference to the B2B?

The new B2B + acts on the basis of the interest of the business partners and not in the interests of the dealers themselves. The result is the joint profit of the two trading parties, and not the interests of third parties, even if it is the website itself or the project-based company.

With B2B and B2B + the difference lies like eg. between the old phone and the smartphone today. Technically, it connects the entire business world, on the ground and online. Each way becomes transparent, from the commercialization of the company in continuous development, depending on the demands of the market. International and national. Taking into account special and public situations that are committed to all international laws.


 What is the moral value of B2B +? where are the strengths?

1. B2B + is a commercial platform that brings together manufacturers, factories and companies that are looking for goods and other companies in a transparent and fair manner.


2. Our clients are registered on our platform only through our own staff after verifying the company's data and papers for authenticity to ensure that they are not fictitious or counterfeit.


3. We ensure and assume 100% responsibility for companies and factories that have membership on our website when problems arise by solving the problem directly from our site, through our employees, and not just through electronic mail, but in personal contact.


4. We are very interested in concluding cooperation agreements with the governing parties. Preferably in every city and every country where we offer our goods to be a reliable and trustworthy partner. But also, to develop the future agreement with their plans and ambitions. That is why we try to bring the policies of local and international governments together in a fair and clear manner, with the benefit of all parties.

5. Free trade fair free travel to (Yiwu / China or Hanover / Germany) or other countries, where we organize fairs for one person including flight, 5 nights and stay in 3 or 4-star hotel A structured planning is crucial for the success of the fair. Before setting up a trade fair, always set clearly defined goals, eg: at the moment our mission is in (China / YIWU, and Germany / Hannover). Once a year. Coming soon in Brazil, Dubai, Turkey, Australia, USA and other countries.

6. To realize this, we had to create a base on which to start applying the plan we set ourselves. We are not prepared to join members of our platform who come from a city or a country where we have no offices and staff who can track customers and businesses locally and online and coordinate with local governments.


7. Our platform does not provide direct brokerage services between the customers, so it does not come in the process of buying and selling, or arranging payment and shipping. Our website makes no material gains at the expense of the customer, whether they are sellers or buyers. We are very much interested in guaranteeing the role of control and guarantee of the company's success in order to develop for the better for the benefit of all concerned.


8. Through contracts with private and semi-public companies, who enjoy 100% trust from us, and in cooperation with unions, we provide quality, quantity, shipping and payment control, with the provision of capital insurance in case of wrong delivery.


9. We do a job like the international union, through which we promote international trade between companies and customers, based on security and trust, and develop ourselves according to the demands of the market and the future of international trade.


10. We pledge to all Members and Participants to maintain their private and commercial confidentiality, not to use your data for their own business or for the benefit of other companies, not to share, sell or share this information with any other party.

11. The platform prints paper and electronic catalogues sorted by type of products and sections by type of goods. They will be available from any country where the product is manufactured and from any company located in that country. Furthermore, they are made available to dealers at international exhibitions directly. The merchant and his business partners can access the goods directly or electronically from any location of the company to view their products and to be able to communicate with the company at the same time. This happens regardless of which country he is in. This service is free and does not require companies to pay on the website.

12. The platform will be on show around the world. It determines its dates, the content of the exhibition and the electronic links of these exhibitions, to give the customers the opportunity to know the times, places and details of the exhibition and to contact you for a visit or subscription, including free services.

13. We provide our Web site to government and private business organizations around the world to provide comprehensive information, news and data of interest to this business.

14. The Website will not have commercial advertisements in order not to favor products or companies at the expense of other products or companies. In this way we achieve equal opportunities for all companies.

15. The website sets recognized international standards for the valuation of joint enterprises to give companies a five-star rating opportunity. An appraiser will determine the details of the rating on points.


The platform B2B + Aladin1.com: is the first commercial B2B + website in the world that applies the theory of reality (B2B +) and fully adheres to its rules. In doing so, she focuses on the founding of two cities in China and Germany, the city of Yiwu in China and the city of Hannover in Germany, in order to put the new theory into practice as a starting point.

We use our website to bring together the government departments of the two cities to communicate with each other. This is done for the good of trade and business. Both cities can develop future plans for economic policy. In doing so, we see ourselves serving the two parties to serve the common interests and commercial goals of these two cities and countries in almost every way.