About Us

Aladin1.com B2B+
is the leading business intelligence, partner ring and prospecting tool in your region and worldwide.
Aladin1.com B2B+
was developed by a team of highly experienced and respected sales and marketing experts, created by leading programmers, and designed to meet your business needs.
Aladin1.com B2B+
will enhance your marketing and sales activities in your region and is particularly beneficial for companies looking to expand overseas or gain a competitive advantage.
Get instant access to high-quality decision makers in companies that have been carefully matched to your products or services. Build a lucrative business network with like-minded suppliers, retailers, and presenters.
Aladin1.com B2B+
is a complete solution to streamline your entire sales, marketing and promotional cycle. Share important matches, request meetings, set up follow-ups, and do business.
Make sure your business can reach its full potential.
Aladin1.com B2B+
saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on the key deals that can help you achieve your goals.
Transformation of international sourcing and delivery through technology and online & offline marketing strategy.
Identify the right suppliers or buyers, make deals and complete deals - all on one platform.
Why our customers love Aladin1.com?
Our technology has been developed for more than 10 years specifically for worldwide distribution.
We have gathered an unmatched amount of the highest quality Business Intelligence and combined it with automated processes developed by some of the world's leading marketing and IT professionals.


- We are pleased to provide you with our technology and idea as a complete white label solution. They can offer best-in-class marketing and meeting solutions that increase customer satisfaction and positively impact rebooking and attendance rates.
- love us because they now have easy access to the right decision-makers in the global market. The entire sales cycle, from prequalification and initial approach, to the organization of meetings and even the conclusion of deals, can be carried out on a single platform. This will give your sales teams more time to sell and less time to explore and explore unknown overseas markets.
Access to a powerful corporate network with innovative features that increase success
We have created an "intelligent" business network that combines advanced technology with human intelligence. Vendors and buyers are automatically matched. They get both the tools they need to get together, as well as complete mutually beneficial deals
Exhibitors can license a white label version of the
Aladin1.com B2B+
platform for their Expo. This adds value to exhibitors, delegates and visitors and increases the likelihood of achieving goals.
  This, in turn, improves exhibitor transfer rates and visitor numbers, helping accelerate expo growth from year to year. With a white label solution, you can increase the value of your Expo brand and provide a powerful solution that other trade shows cannot offer.
Aladin1.com B2B+
, exhibitors and visitors can now do the following:

Automatic reconciliation with buyers or sellers who will be present before the opening day of the exhibition.
Use the Aladin1.com Fairs event to answer questions about the Expo and to complete deals.

Take the opportunity now to learn more about a white label solution for your exhibit and how we can help you meet your growth goals.
Central, local and regional government economics, export and trade departments can play a key role in helping their overseas production and supply companies to export overseas.
  They can promote economic growth by organizing trade missions or organizing and attending trade and commercial events and exhibitions.
Aladin1.com B2B+
improves your ROI by ensuring the following:

Companies that support you can arrange high-level meetings with the most appropriate decision makers in the target industries.
Your companies can sign up with powerful partnership agreements and sign contracts.
You can access detailed reports about the held meetings and the results, so you can use your support more effectively.
  Contact us now to find out how Aladin1.com can help B2B identify and improve the results of your export and international trade promotion initiatives.
3 - Aladin1.com International B2B + Platforms (multilingual)
An international B2B + trade portal for wholesalers, suppliers and products with a reliable and easily accessible search for German & Chinese and international wholesalers, dealers, importers, exporters, manufacturers and agents as well as their best offers.
Through the correct presentation of your company on our B2B + platform can be addressed quickly and regionally & nationwide interested parties.
In addition to product information, additional added value such as videos, company information, datasheets, etc. can increase the visibility of your presence.
For your sales, B2B portals are an extremely suitable instrument for attracting new customers.
Aladin1.com B2B+
platform, companies are sorted by industry or category. The presentation takes place in a competition context. That is why it is crucial to position oneself exactly, to differentiate your content and to direct the interest of the customers to your company.
Aladin1.com B2B+
Portals is internationally oriented and offers the possibility to present itself in several languages.
Thus, your company is represented with only one presence in the international market and thus achieves a high range.
4 - Purchasing customers with (purchasing all-inclusive offer) from our service provider suburb.
   Personality in the Digital World: Your Aladin1.com Service Partner
Aladin1.com combines the benefits of digitization with the personality of traditional distribution. Therefore, we rely on personal support on site. We do not see ourselves as an anonymous online procurement platform, but as your strong partner.
Together with your Aladin1.com service partner you will quickly and easily find the right solution for your request. We advise and support you professionally in all project phases - from implementation to successful operation.
  All-inclusive package

Our all-inclusive offer is aimed at companies and people who want to buy goods in China, but who do not have the knowledge and often do not have the time to do it all themselves, ie the price negotiation with Chinese factories. Credit check, procurement of product samples and certificates, hiring a freight forwarder, customs clearance, etc. All this we would like to accept at the ALL-INCLUSIVE OFFER, with a small check on the purchase request, to our service partner suburb, and you have the services of service 100% money back guarantee secured.
All-inclusive offer is a third-party, all-inclusive service, please see information under Service Services