Our offer and services

Our offer and services
For providers & sellers on our platform
Aladin1.com B2B + Platform: B2B + Marketing Mix
1. Own online website on our platform (unlimited information and description of your products and services, photos, video, data)
2. Own online store (unlimited photo and video data for your products and services)
3. Print advertising (paper and electronic catalogues of your companies & products on our platform for download and at our & Partner trade fairs)
4. Online Marketing (SEA and SEO in B2B Online Marketing, Use Newsletter, Social Media in B2B Online Marketing, Content Marketing, B2B Online Marketing Optimized for Mobile Use)
5. Free trade fair free travel to (Yiwu / China or Hanover / Germany) or other countries, where we organize fairs for one person including flight, 5 nights and stay in 4-star hotel A structured planning is crucial for the success of the fair. Before setting up a trade fair, always set clearly defined goals, eg: at the moment our mission is in (China / YIWU, and Germany / Hannover). Once a year. Coming soon in Brazil, Dubai, Turkey, Australia, USA and other countries.
6. Acquisition of new customers: Through our strong services which we guarantee and offer to our purchasing customers domestically and abroad, this makes us the first choice of purchasing customers.
7. Opening up new markets (with our direct support suburb and cooperation with the competent authorities, we make your way clearly visible and clear)
8. Introducing new products: Multilingual platform makes your product readable and searchable worldwide.
9. Increase brand awareness with our online and offline services, your brand is right there to touch where it should be.
10. Own Online Store on our Worldwide B2C + Platform Free and Commission Free (from end of September 2019)
11. No hidden costs or commission on your sales (no matter how big or small your business is, we do not take any cost or commission out of it, it's their success that makes us successful.)
12. Direct chat contacts & communication (unlimited, direct contact to global prospects via our platform, including chat function).
13. Free Worldwide and Durable Product Presentation (In every country we operate we have a permanent trade fair named "B2B + ALADIN1 Supermarket Fair" and every registered seller on our platform is entitled to a H x W x D 50cmx50cmx50cm shelf space, currently in China and Germany, Soon more countries, free only for one country) due to the New Start Fair opening in Yiwu / China and Hanover / Germany will be launched only from 01.10.2019.
14. domestic and overseas customer enhancement we will leave you with your customers the deciding on the payment type and shipping options for you to decide by supporting them with service services from secure hand which makes your work easier and safer.
15. Serious Audited Companies Securing All Our Registered Members Buyers or Sellers are audited by our trained staff, we have no room for blacklist on our platform.
16. We support you directly and on site with our Personal Cervices & Cooperation Partners (assistance in choosing new partners and markets assistance from state authorities and local service providers)
17. Costs overview & with fixed price (they only pay one-time membership fee, no further costs guaranteed)
(Extra costs: own exhibition Display Costs Separate costs for decoration and equipment and extension into the durable fair shelves or countries, and additional fairs with accompanying persons are calculated separately on request)
     (Extra advertising costs: Flyer or promotional printing material or online & offline advertising orders and transport costs For fairs products on request will be charged separately)